Ufuk Ulutaş

Ufuk Ulutaş

Ufuk Ulutaş is the Director of the Foreign Policy Studies at SETA Foundation. He is also a columnist at Akşam Daily and currently hosting a foreign policy centered TV program at TRT Türk channel. He also serves at the executive board of a Somali-based think-tank, Heritage Institute for Policy Studies.
What are Israel s Red Lines in Syria

What are Israel’s Red Lines in Syria?

March 15, 2018
Israel will continue its precision airstrikes in Syria and increase its focus on the Israel-Syria border as well as its attempts to limit the Iranian presence in Syria within its own capacity and keep waiting for the U.S. to implement a more extensive strategy to fight Iranian influence.
What does Tel Aviv Expect from an Independent Erbil

What does Tel Aviv Expect from an “Independent” Erbil?

October 11, 2017
Even if Israel does not reach its ultimate objective, any conflict to emerge between northern Iraqi Kurds and its neighbors will provide Israel with new operation opportunities, as did the post-occupation environment in Iraq.
The Karlov Assassination Questions and Answers

The Karlov Assassination: Questions and Answers

December 23, 2016
What was the purpose of the assassination? What can be said about the perpetrator? What might the consequences be? How should reactions to the assassination be regarded? How might the assassination reflect on the Syria crisis?