Valeria Giannotta

Valeria Giannotta

Valeria Giannotta is an Italian scholar expert on International Relations and Turkish Politics. She is currently serving as Assistant Professor at Türk Hava Kurumu Üniversitesi in Ankara. She graduated summa cum laude at Catholic University in Milano where she obtained her Ph.D. Since 2009 she has been active in Turkey where she has served as academic in Istanbul, Gaziantep and Ankara. She has authored and presented several articles during national and international conferences, she contributes to think tanks and she engages in high-level strategic meetings. As acknowledge of her analytical objectivity and effort in support to the Italian diplomacy in Turkey, in 2017 she was awarded as Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia by the Presidency of the Republic of Italy. Her last book Erdoğan e il suo partito. AKP tra conservatorismo e riformismo (Castelvecchi, 2018) has been listed among the best current political essays of the year 2018 and got a special prize in the Italian national award Premio Cerruglio 2019.
Europe's Response to Turkey's Military Operation is Less About Security

Europe's Response to Turkey's Military Operation is Less About Security and More About Prejudice

November 8, 2019
Turkey’s recent military operation against the YPG in northeast Syria brought to the surface all of the unresolved issues and tensions existing between Turkey and the European Union.
Europe owes Turkey for its Security it is time the

Europe owes Turkey for its Security, it is time the EU takes Negotiations Seriously

September 20, 2019
Formalisms aside, Turkey is already in Europe, not only by its geographical location, but also thanks to the mutual strategic interests that keep the two partners connected.
Eastern Mediterranean A New Impasse for Turkey-EU Relations

Eastern Mediterranean: A New Impasse for Turkey-EU Relations?

July 24, 2019
Between Turkey and Europe remains a communication gap and a mutual frustration merely undermining any dialogue for a constructive approach. The impasse seems destined to continue and to become a real paradox.
A Franco-German Compromise The Appointment of Top Management in the

A Franco-German Compromise: The Appointment of Top Management in the EU

July 12, 2019
Europe is experiencing a huge crisis of confidence towards Brussels technocracy thus the Franco-German axis may be perceived as a symbol of a certain hegemony that has reduced the Union to the rule of the strongest states.
EU-Turkey Accession Negotiations Backsliding

EU-Turkey Accession Negotiations Backsliding?

June 2, 2019
The European journey turned out to be an anathema for Turkey that paradoxically is set to stand on the door for a little while longer. In the deadlock negotiation, a new element affects the relations: the rising European far-right that most probably would harm any further enlargement towards Ankara.
Will the Far-Right Lead Europe

Will the Far-Right Lead Europe?

May 25, 2019
Insufficient knowledge and self-perception on Islamophobia and xenophobia by EU states is a further obstacle in the fight against these prejudices.