Veysel Kurt

Veysel Kurt

Veysel Kurt completed his BA at Uludağ University, International Relations Department in 2006 and received his MA degree from İstanbul University, Social Sciences Institute in 2009. Kurt is currently a PhD candidate and works on authoritarianism and civil-military relations in the Middle East. He has authored various articles and commentaries on political science and international relations.
Post-Saleh Scenarios in Yemen

Post-Saleh Scenarios in Yemen

December 7, 2017
The assassination of Ali Abdullah Saleh has driven the Saudi-Iran proxy war on to a different level, and there is no doubt that the Riyadh administration will intensify military operations in Yemen.
Neither NATO Nor Shanghai Alone Turkey s Quest for a

Neither NATO Nor Shanghai Alone: Turkey’s Quest for a Defense System

October 19, 2017
Turkey is not a country that could ensure its security by being completely dependent on either NATO or Shanghai. A Turkey failing to achieve independence in terms of defense and offense can never become a true global actor. Therefore, Turkey’s quest for a defense system and its insistence on S-400s should be regarded within this framework.
A New Challenge for Turkey - US Relations Gülen's Extradition

A New Challenge for Turkey - US Relations: Gülen's Extradition

July 29, 2016
It is meaningless to condemn the coup attempt without taking action against the leading putschist. A decisive step by the US government to change the negative perception held by the Turkish public would be the extradition of Gülen to Turkey.
Turkey and Egypt Towards a Normalization

Turkey and Egypt: Towards a Normalization?

May 12, 2016
Turkish-Egyptian relations have been in crisis since the military coup that toppled the first democratically-elected president and government to come to power in nearly 40 years.