Yusuf Özkır

Yusuf Özkır

Özkır graduated from the Department of Journalism in the Faculty of Communication at Marmara University in 2003. His master's thesis and PhD dissertation were titled “The Way of Conveying Palestine-Related News in Media”, and “History, General Publication Policy and Identity of Hürriyet Daily”, respectively. He concentrates on structural transformation of Turkish media, media-politics relations, and the impact of social media on social events. Özkır is an Associate Professor at İstanbul Medipol University’s Faculty of Communication. Özkır also serves as the publishing coordinator of the montly periodical Kriter.
The Tiananmens Ignored by the Western Media

The Tiananmens Ignored by the Western Media

July 15, 2019
The night of July 15 in Turkey illustrated that the strong relationship between the media and democracy can thwart a coup attempt. Even if Western media outlets continue to ignore the heroism displayed that night.
22 Years On Turkey's Post-Modern Coup

22 Years On: Turkey's Post-Modern Coup

February 28, 2019
On the 22nd anniversary of the February 28 coup, Turkey is at an important stage on the road of democratization. The most important thing that must be done following this stage is the creation of an atmosphere that will institutionalize these achievements.
Anti-Refugee Sentiment Ahead of Turkey's Local Elections

Anti-Refugee Sentiment Ahead of Turkey's Local Elections

February 15, 2019
In the run up to the local elections to be held on March 31, anti-refugee rhetoric targeting Syrian refugees have started to appear in campaign speeches – a pattern that has been repeating itself since 2015.
Sputnik Türkiye The Voice of Moscow

Sputnik Türkiye: The Voice of Moscow?

January 25, 2019
Views on Sputnik expressed both in Turkey and Western countries must be interpreted as reviews made on the new link of Russia's propaganda chain that has increased since the Cold War.
The AK Party s Plan to Use Social Media for

The AK Party’s Plan to Use Social Media for its Digital Election Campaign

January 11, 2019
For the March 31 elections, around 1.5 million first-time voters will go to polls. The figures indicate that young electorate demographics are on a gradual increase. This also shows that the Z generation has an increasing influence in shaping the political sphere.
Mohammad bin Salman s Communication Strategy and PR Work to

Mohammad bin Salman’s Communication Strategy and PR Work to Survive

December 15, 2018
The investments made in the lobbying works and the U.S. and Russia will not be enough to save the Crown Prince. The efforts will surely save a little time, but the strong evidence presented by Turkey to the world public has the potential to make MbS confront the truth he is trying to escape.
Trump Media Journalism Ethics and Others

Trump, Media, Journalism Ethics and “Others”

February 26, 2017
The American media establishment should take an equitable and broadminded approach for all and that it should raise the flag of tolerance for those who are devoid of a powerful voice. Otherwise, once Trump raises his own anger and fury, it can be seen that the curtain of the American media conglomerates will fall furthermore with terrifying consequences.
The Collapse of the HDP s Politics

The Collapse of the HDP’s Politics

January 9, 2017
Perhaps many of the Kurds have not yet spoken aloud, but the clear majority has deeply buried the PKK in the very trenches that the terrorist organization had dug in their inner worlds. Even in the regions where the HDP has received close to 100 percent of the vote, the Kurds have not abided by the PKK’s calls for street rallies or boycotts.
Prejudice in the Western Media

Prejudice in the Western Media

October 4, 2016
Deep prejudice and the absence of objectivity exhibited by the Western media against Turkey are major problems; but Turkey should never give up in the attempt to remind prejudiced media managers of the fundamental principles of journalism and the simple facts and rules of democracy.
A Turning Point for the Media

A Turning Point for the Media

July 26, 2016
All in all, why the western media organs do not want democracy for Turkey while they defend democracy for themselves will remain an enduring question.