Zeliha Eliaçık

Zeliha Eliaçık

Zeliha Eliaçık received her Bachelor’s and Master degrees in Political Science and Oriental Studies, with a master thesis, "The social and judical status of Jews in Yemen” from the Ruhr University of Bochum. She was awarded a DAAD Graduate Study Scholarship to pursue research in Yemen and served as Lecturer and Commissioner for Culture at the German Jordanian University in Jordan. Eliaçık’s research interest includes Oriental Studies, minorities in Muslim and European societies, Germany’s Islam politicy and extremism in Europe. Currently, she serves as a researcher in the Department for Europian Studies at SETA.
Germany From the Refugee Problem to the Crisis of the

Germany: From the Refugee Problem to the Crisis of the Liberal Democratic System

December 3, 2018
The current crisis in Germany is a representation of what is also happening in other European countries governed by liberal democracy.
The NSU Trial in Germany Has Justice Really Served after

The NSU Trial in Germany: Has Justice Really Served after 18 Years?

July 22, 2018
German official authorities throughout the trial did not adopt a constructive stance that would help uncover aspects of the trial that went insufficiently investigated. Thus, the process that started in Germany with the NSU trial is unlikely to be truly finished until institutional racism in the country is faced and addressed accordingly.