Turkey, US reaffirm resolve to strategic partnership

During Rex Tillerson’s visit to Ankara, Turkey and the U.S. reaffirmed their deep and important strategic ties. In a statement made, both sides emphasized their commitment to resolving outstanding issues in their bilateral relationship.

US to continue piling up weapons in Syria

In the 2019 Pentagon budget, money is set to keep flowing to the benefit of the PYD/PKK terrorist group in Syria — also using the name SDG — through training and equipment.

Why the US lost Turkey’s trust

By supporting and strengthening the PYD/PKK and FETO terrorist groups, which threaten Turkey’s security and well-being, the U.S. lost Ankara’s trust. 

Turkey in intense cooperation with Africa

Ahead of the second Turkey-African Ministerial Review Conference to take place in Istanbul on 11-12 February, the development of commercial and political relations between the two parties has attracted attention.