What is the Atlas of Islamic Thought? An Interview with Ibrahim Halil Ucer

“We have prepared this project to position Islamic philosophy to its rightfully earned place in the general history of philosophy. As long as we don’t position Islamic philosophy and sciences in the general history of thought, we won’t be able to regain our historical consciousness and to dare to think,” says Ibrahim Halil Ucer, the project coordinator of the Atlas of Islamic Thought.

When Ideology Overwhelms Reason: Messianic Aspects of Gülenism, An Interview with Professor Ahmet Yaşar Ocak

Men claiming to be the Messiah or the Mahdi – including Fethullah Gülen – are not a new phenomenon. Since the earliest decades of Islam, many have built a following around them, using charisma and exploiting societal and political upheaval to convince followers they are the promised saviors, and their community is destined to herald the final utopia before the current world ends.