Reza Zarrab to stand as witness in US case

Victor Rocco asked the jury, “What would you do if US prosecutors made voice recordings and gave them to another country without the permission of the government, and then they were used as evidence?”

OECD: Turkish economy nearly doubles 2017 growth rate

On its latest outlook on Turkey, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) stated that “Economic growth is estimated to have exceeded six percent in 2017, driven by strong fiscal stimulus and an export market recovery.”

US judges the violation of self-imposed sanctions

The prosecutors in Turkey accused the former attorney for the southern district of New York Preet Bharara and the district’s current acting attorney, Joon H. Kim, of using illegally obtained information and documents from previous investigations in Turkey for an ongoing case in the US.

Turkish Premier visited London

When the hostess interrupted Yildirim saying; “But in the UK we don’t pass decrees in parliament here that conflict with basic human rights.” Yıldırım responded “Did you ever face a coup attempt where the Buckingham Palace was attacked by [your own] planes? Did you face this kind of thing? If you ever do, then we will see what you are going to do.