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Cemil Cicek answers questions on TRNC elections

Commenting on the elections held in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Turkish Parliament’s speaker Cemil Cicek stated that he expected the newly-elected president of the TRNC, Mustafa Akinci to act in accordance with the responsibility of being in power.

Cemil Cicek stated that just like many other candidates before elections, there were various stories about Mustafa Akinci. “But,” he continued, “being in power is something different.”

Cemil Cicek also gave a careful message when asked to elaborate about a possible gathering between Akinci and Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades.

“There is a tradition between Turkey and the TRNC. After every election, newly elected presidents, prime ministers and parliament speakers visit TRNC and Azerbaijan in Turkey. And in TRNC, the first visit is paid to Ankara. I think that Akinciis well aware of this tradition. Or, it is stated in the records of the presidency of the TRNC. It is meaningless to create new problems, while trying to make peace with someone.”

The head of the Turkish Grand National Parliament (TBMM), Cemil Cicek also stated that Cyprus is one of the two critical files in front of the United Nations together with “Palestine”.

“The responsibles of the deadlock in front of the solution of this problem is Greek Cypriots and the European Union, who accepted the membership of the Greek Cypriots to the union before the solution of the problem. Now, after the elections, the achievements of the past should be respected. One should not take everything from the very beginning.” Continued Cemil Cicek as saying.

There has been a duel of words between TRNC President Mustafa Akinci and Ankara, after he refused TRNC to be called as the “yavruvatan” (babyland) of Turkey (“ana vatan” motherland), but he stated that they would have preferred a brotherhood with Turkey.

In an analysis written by the Western media, Akinci is seen to be the only candidate forthe elections who may compromise for a path towards the peace on the island.

It is commented in Turkey that Western states would support Akinci to get achievements which they have lost at the negotiation table with the Turkish side.

However, in Ankara, there is a certain credit for Akinci and he was given time for showing a responsible governing.

Let’s pray for not being disappointed for this optimistic assumption.

Resource: Turkey Agenda, April 29, 2015


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