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Chinese news agency slams India over border dispute

Xinhua news agency accuses India of deliberately disregarding the enormity of the mounting crisis at Doklam
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Chinese state-run news agency has accused India of deliberately disregarding the enormity of the mounting crisis at Doklam, a tri-junction border between India, China and Bhutan.

In a video titled The Seven Sins of India, Xinhua news agency showed presenter Wang Dier referring India to ‘a man who is pretending to be asleep’ and refusing to acknowledge his mistake of stepping into Chinese land.

“When the whole world is trying to wake India up from its impulse, China has realized it’s impossible to wake up a guy who is pretending to be asleep,” Dier said.

Experts believe that the release video is an evidence of growing frustration on Chinese side.

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“It shows their frustration. They have been talking about taking action for a long time but not doing anything. The video that was released uses less provocative and less aggressive language than some of the earlier statements that has come on Global Times,” said Ajai Shukla, a defense expert.

“Talks have been going on and hopefully we will see some results soon,” Shukla told Anadolu Agency.

Indian troops have been stationed at the Doklam border, near its mountainous Sikkim state, for almost two months.

The stand-off began in mid-June when India opposed the construction of road by China at the border, which it claimed fell in its territory.

However, China believes that India should not meddle in a matter which concerns Beijing and Bhutan.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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