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Europe's migrant crisis caused by West's destabilization of Syria – Le Pen

National Front leader Marine Le Pen attacked President Francois Hollande and his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy on French television Friday, saying that the country’s policy in the Middle East has destabilized the region, leading to the migrant crisis which France and the rest of Europe are paying for today.

Le Pen told France’s TV1 that “the situation with the migrants would never have existed were it not for the destabilization of Syria. This is where it all began.” The politician added that “we have only to thank Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande for what is happening now.”

A government soldier with the Syrian flag on a location on top of a hill not far from Kessab on the Turkish border following an Islamist takeover of the town

The leader of the conservative-nationalist National Front, France’s third-largest party, emphasized that “the reality is that the [French] people do not want to take them in. Our people do not want to see migrants here.”

When asked what Europe could do to stem the problem, she told her interviewer that “the humanitarian solution would have been not to destabilize [Syria],” adding that southern Europe’s effective lack of border control is sending the wrong signal to potential migrants. “We are sending the signal of total laxity –that migrants should attempt to make the crossing, and to risk their lives. We are close to a situation of chaos.”

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have been fleeing to Europe, through Turkey or across the Mediterranean, most of them from war and chaos-hit regions in the Middle East, including Syria, Libya and northern Africa.

The International Organization for Migration estimates that over 2,400 sea-borne migrants have now died trying to reach Europe, with nearly 323,000 making it to the shores of southern European countries. The UN’s Refugee Agency has called the situation a “humanitarian emergency.”

On Friday, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told Euronews that Germany and Europe as a whole need a new series of crisis response measures to deal with the flow of refugees, with Germany alone expected to take in nearly 800,000 displaced persons by the end of this year.

Resource: Sputnik, August 29, 2015


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