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Gallipoli:100 Years 1000 Stories of Humanity

From the early 1915 amid the First World War, the Ottomans and particularly Turkey was greatly horrified with one of the most outrageous assault in modern history of mankind. The so called “Emperialists” majorly Britian and France, attempted to expand thier voracious occupations in the land of the Ottomans curently known as the republic of Turkey. The initial plan was to invade the Ottoman land passing through the Dardanelles with the aim of occupying Istanbul however, the plan turns to be abortive.

Hitherto, the importance and messages of the Gallipoli campaign cannot be overempahasized. Indeed, it was a battle which teaches many lessons to the world entirely. From the beginning, it was the suprior-inferior syndrome which drived the motives of the British and French Empires arrogantly reckoning to be superiors and planning to take over control of Istanbul within short period of time after which they failed. Ironically, the Ottomans were also then percieved as barbarians with no mercy upon other fellow humans and even after the battle they were also accused to have committed genocide towards the Armenians. On the contrary, the Ottomans were never barbarians in fighting for freedom and the so called “Armenian genocide” was nothing but a preposterous allegation which has no profound evidence in the entire history of human civilization. Apparently within historical context, Gallipoli campaign was a significant battle perpetually to be recall generation after generation in which the Ottomans never underestimated the battle and absolutely mobilized all their possible power resources ranging from men, women and particularly the youth alongside with support from different nations, who sacrificed their souls to confront the battle until their last breath. The tragedy had never been a machination to carry out a genocide or an ethnic cleansing of a particular nation, the Ottomans fought the battle with honour and dignity accompanied by shared ethics, moral uprightness, standards and values, towards inside and outside enemies.

Henceforth, One hundred years after the Gallipoli tragedy, the message of Gallipoli campaign in my world particularly as a Nigerian, reminds me of the fırst black pilot Ahmed Ali Efendi alongside his younger brother Ali, both were origin of Nigeria recently Africa’s most populous nation. The younger brother Ali, became martyr during the battle of Gallipoli while the elder Ahmed Ali Efendi was a veteran who later became the world first black pilot just after the campaign. With all due respect, all my thoughts and tributes are with them and to all the heroes who lost their lives during the Gallipoli tragedy.

Sadly today, our world is divided along ethnic lines; and we fail to come closer enough to one another in order to recognise the miniscule nature of the differences and the mightiness of our similarities. We all seems to be naïve and fail to realize our mistakes by casting the blames on the others. Arguably, the destiny of our world is only in the hands of few Nations who are capable of designing our future but to me this seems to be invalid, we should not view ourselves as being eternally trapped in a world where we are the helpless objects of the actions of others who have constructed systems that are antithetical to our norms and interests. As global citizens we must not succumb to despair, we all have to strive towards promoting fraternity, tolerance, equality and dialogue among ourselves.

The world today needs more unity rather than disunity. Nations like Australia, New Zealand Britain and others have already accepted their faith embedded with their failures during the Gallipoli campaign and perhaps today look forward to foster fraternity, peace and tranquillity with Turkey which also lost more than two hundred thousand of victims during the Gallipoli tragedy. Resentfully, it is sad and preposterous decision given by the EU and some international leaders reiterating the so called “Armenian genocide” instead of focusing on how to implement resolutions that will ameliorate peace within the middle-east and elsewhere in the world. It is time for a country like Armenia to accept its faith just as other nations did and get rid of its false allegations against Turkey.

With all due respect. All nations must put their hands on deck through dialogue, we must all learn from the past to sacrifice our strength and put more efforts vis-à-vis promoting mutual peace and fraternity rather than promoting controversies and disunity. We must be advocates of peace and harmony and say never again to injustice, war and brutality in modern history of human civilization.

Resource: Turkey Agenda, April 24, 2015

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