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ISIL is the greatest enemy of Islam: Erdoğan

The Turkish President says that the terrorist organization ISIL, who claimed themselves as Muslims, harmed Islam and Muslims more than the enemy of Islam.

Turkish President Recep Tayyıp Erdoğan said on Sunday, April 12, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, terrorist organization caused more devastation to the Islam and Muslims than its enemies.

While addressing a program in Istanbul organized by the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad, Erdoğan said, “These types of organizations don’t serve any positive purpose; they subject Muslims to great sufferance and create a wrong and genitive perception of Islam.”

Erdoğan stated that Islam was a religion of peace and it encourages loving Allah’s creation for the sake of the creator and discourages hostility based on differences. He explained that neither the Prophet Muhammad nor Muslims had ever used force and this was evident by the fact that no society had been forcibly converted to Islam.

“The current picture, where Muslims are shedding each other’s blood for the sake of sectarianism is a far cry from the essence of Islam” he said.

The Turkish President slammed those who took sectarianism as a religion and said that it is a destructive and harmful concept.

“We do not have a Sunni or Shia religion. We only have a single religion and that is Islam,” Erdoğan noted, saying that not acknowledging this fact will result in more pain and suffering.

“Sectarianism is currently breaking the Islamic world and the Muslim community into pieces,” Erdoğan said as he referred to the ongoing crises in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, where Muslims are killing each other solely based on sectarian differences.

Erdoğan called on Muslims to leave the sectarian conflict and to work for the Unity of Muslim Ummah. He said that Muslims were passing through a big test and this will be ended soon.

“In this situation, together we should hold fast to the rope of Allah. We should work and struggle more for unity, togetherness and brotherhood of Ummah without deviating from the Prophet’s Sunnah. We should continue this mission by understanding the morality of cohabitation, experiencing it by ourselves and explaining it to others. I strongly believe that as long as we don’t lose our destination, the salvation of the Ummah is close; as Quran heralded that when we fall into distress, Allah’s help will be close,” Erdoğan said.

Resource: Yenisafak English, April 13, 2015


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