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Le Pen Faces Investigation While HDP Enjoys Applause

The question then arises, why are the ones applauding France’s move to curb racism, taking an opposite stance under the same context when it comes to Turkey?

As France braces for presidential elections this spring in April and May, the radical right-wing National Front (FN) stands out as a particularly strong candidate, especially after dwindling support for the scandal-hit conservative leader, François Fillon.

Moreover, with the socialists reduced to underdogs, the situation is firmly in favor of the FN and accordingly, the number of people concerned over a possible Marine Le Pen victory over François Fillon and Emmanuel Macron, has lately increased.

With the barometer of concern climbing, Le Pen and her father, FN founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, are now being investigated for alleged racism. This investigation, likely to have effects on the polls, will hopefully unmask the threat posed by the Le Pens to French democracy.

There is hardly anyone across the European Union who has objected the investigation. In fact, the European Parliament lifted Jean-Marie Le Pen’s political immunity a month ago.

I am certainly not against these actions, quite the contrary, racism is a crime against humanity and Jean-Marie Le Pen must be held accountable for his racist remarks. And hopefully, Le Pen will not achieve the success many are predicting and be among the top two candidates. This power rests firmly on the French electorate, who embraces democracy.

I wish this scenario does not materialize, not only for the sake of France or the EU, but for all of humanity, as for me, there is no difference between racism and terrorism, both are against humanity.

The question then arises, why are the ones applauding France’s move to curb racism, taking an opposite stance under the same context when it comes to Turkey?

The outlawed PKK is not only a terrorist organization, but also a pro-Kurdish racist group. Does racism not constitute a crime in Turkey?

In this sense, it cannot be argued that there is any difference between the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and the FN, given that the HDP condones the PKK’s violent assaults and acts as a vote-hunter by exploiting the terror group’s radical pro-Kurdish stance. While the former is an outspoken radical right-wing party, the latter, though characterizing itself as a far-left party, engages in policies based on ethnicity and racism.

Regardless, the ones taking the right stance against French racists are supporting the ones engaging in pro-Kurdish racism in the Turkish context.

The French state’s investigation of the founder of a popular political party for alleged remarks, just before the elections, is indeed an exemplary act. The entirety of Europe has applauded the developments and so have I.

However, the EU gets incensed only when the Turkish state investigates some HDP politicians who overtly support the PKK, a terrorist group accountable for thousands of deaths in Turkey. Plus, it is a widely known fact that the PKK is forcing many people to vote for the HDP, using threats and intimidation.

While Jean-Marie Le Pen is rightfully being accused of racism, due to his alleged remarks, HDP politicians have also been involved in various illegal activities, including carrying weapons for the PKK in their personal cars, helping injured PKK militants, provoking people and defending acts of violence.

As the European Parliament lifts Jean-Marie Le Pen’s immunity on racism charges, it continues to host some HDP politicians who speak on behalf of the PKK terrorists. Isn’t this an obvious double standard?

Whenever Turkey takes a step against racism and terrorism, as a state of law, it is reiterated that Turkey cannot join the EU. But, the same individuals are speaking highly of France and the EU, when France takes a step against racism.

Both Turkey and France are doing their parts as states of law, which is an ignored fact, and this picture only pleases the French radical right-wing and PKK militants.

Democracy must be defended in the same way in Turkey, just as it is defended in France. Racism and terrorism, none of which has any place in our society, must be resisted under any circumstances.