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President of Diyanet Görmez meets with Syrians in Turkey at iftar dinner

The Office of the President of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) brought together the Syrians who had to leave their country and come to Turkey because of the civil war.

The iftar dinner organized by the General Directorate of Religious Services of Diyanet at the Seymenler City Square in Ankara hosted about nine thousand Syrians. President of Diyanet Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez addressing the guests said “endless gratitude to the Almighty who brought us together from Syria, Iraq and many other places at the iftar dinner table.”

Saying for the believer the most beautiful home is the heart of fraternity among Muslims President of Diyanet Görmez said “much gratitude to the Almighty for making us the home for each other. Each believer is the shelter of the other believer. Each believer is the home of the other believer. We cannot thank the Lord enough for giving us the fraternal feelings for our fellow believers because the Almighty has declared us brothers and sisters for one another.”

Saying the events in the Islam world show that we are at the point where words are at a standstill President of Diyanet Görmez added;

“We are announcing to the whole world that we are brothers and sisters despite all the hardships as we share our bread at the iftar dinner…”

We are at a point where words have come to a standstill. So to show that we are hopeful about the future let us treat each other to smiles, let us share our bread, let us offer the first bite of our iftar food to our brothers and sisters before we eat and declare to the whole world that despite all the hardships and drawbacks we remain brothers and sisters.

May the Almighty send the jubilation of Ramadan and Eid to all the oppressed people who are facing hardships all around the world. I pray to the Almighty that our dinner tables encircle the world with goodness and blessings.

President of Diyanet Görmez attended the iftar dinner which is being held under the title “dinner tables of benevolence” and which brought together the Syrians in Ankara aklong with his spouse Hatice Görmez. Vice President of Diyanet Prof. Dr. Hasan Kamil Yılmaz and Religious Services Director General Ass. Prof. Yaşar Yiğit also attended the iftar.

Resource: Republic of Turkey Presidency of Religious Affairs, July 07, 2015


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