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Some 250 people suspected of terrorism detained in Turkey

The Turkish police conducted an anti-terrorist operation in 13 of the country’s provinces, detaining 251 people suspected of involvement with various terrorist organizations, the government said in a statement on Friday.

The Turkish government stated: “On July 24, the Security Office began an operation against the Islamic State (IS) militants, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and other terrorist organizations that are a threat to national security. The operation took place in 13 provinces, and 251 people were detained. An investigation is underway. The government is committed to combating terrorism.”

Earlier, it was reported that the Turkish Air Force attacked positions of the IS in Syria.

This is the first time that Turkey has carried out airstrikes against IS on Syrian territory. Three Turkish F-16 fighter jets took off from an air base in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir and bombed three IS targets, Turkish authorities said in a statement.

The operation was named in honor of Yalcin Nane, a non-commissioned officer who was killed in a shootout with IS militants in Turkey’s south-central province of Kilis near the Syrian border on Thursday.

On the same day, an emergency meeting on national security took place in Ankara, and was chaired by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. The meeting was convened in light of the terrorist attack in the city of Suruc earlier this week.

The attack, which claimed the lives of 32 people and injured more than 100, was reportedly carried out by IS militants.

Resource: Sputnik, July 24, 2015


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