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Syrian parents decry pro-PKK/PYD curriculums at schools

Concerned parents accuse terrorist group of imposing ‘militant' school curriculum in northern Hasakah province
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Hundreds of parents demonstrated Friday in the Qamishli district of Syria’s northern PKK/PYD-held Hasakah province to protest what they described as a “militant curriculum” being promoted by the terrorist group in the district’s schools.

Parents say the PKK/PYD, which captured Hasakah in the early years of the Syria conflict, is subjecting students to a campaign of ideological indoctrination.

In hopes of shielding their children from what they view as propaganda, many parents prefer to send their children to private schools — dozens of which have been shut down by the terrorist group since last year.

At Friday’s demonstration, which was held outside the UN’s local office, protesters emphasized that education should be kept independent of political agendas.

The PKK’s Child Soldiers

“The school curriculums now being imposed by the PKK/PYD in Hasakah contain numerous grammatical and factual errors,” one concerned parent who took part in the protest told Anadolu Agency.

Preferring anonymity due to fears of reprisal, the same parent went on to assert that most PKK/PYD-appointed teachers lacked appropriate qualifications, including college diplomas.

“We will continue to protest until our grievances are addressed,” he added defiantly. “Some of these teachers never even graduated from high school.”

Source: Anadolu Agency

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