The PYD’s Forced Migration Policy in Syria

Not only Arabs but also Turkmens, Kurds and Assyrians have suffered from the PYD’s forced migration policy in Syria. The displaced people, now living in very hard conditions, are dreaming of the day they will return to their homes.

Afrin residents were forced to dig ditches

As part of their defense strategy, the YPG/PKK had started digging ditches, building tunnels, making barricades, and planting bombs much earlier. It is commented that the ditches and tunnels in Afrin seem professional and this evokes the question if YPG received a foreign support or training to build them.

Some Myths about the YPG

Abandoning the myths about the YPG would serve the US well. Then comes the hard task of crafting a realistic Syria policy that is coordinated with Turkey and one that can achieve lasting stability.