The New Turkey 2019 internship applications have now begun!

The New Turkey is currently accepting internship applications for the 2019 summer term.

The New Turkey 2019 internship applications have now begun

Interns are expected to have a strong command of English language, have editorial skills and be aware of recent developments in Turkey and across the region.

In addition to working with The New Turkey, interns will have the opportunity to join different seminars and workshops provided by various directorates at SETA Istanbul.

The internship will take place at SETA Istanbul. Applicants must be aware that the internship is not paid, and that the Foundation does not provide accommodation.

The placement is for 6 weeks and begins on 1 July 2019.

Applicants that proceed onto and complete the internship are awarded a certificate at the end of their stay.

For further information, or for applications please submit a CV (with an ID photo) to

info [at] 

Application deadline is 17 June 2019. 

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