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Turkey delivers 15 trucks to peshmerga fighting Daesh

Ankara delivers 15 pickup trucks to Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq.

Turkey has delivered 15 pickup trucks to the Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq Monday to support thepeshmerga forces in their fight against Daesh.

“We would like to thank Turkey for the military and humanitarian aid it has provided to the peshmerga since the beginning of their fight against the militant group (Daesh),” Brigadier Hikmet Omer said during the ceremony marking the delivery at Bahirka Military Camp in Erbil.

The Turkish Consul General, Mehmet Akif Inam also attended the ceremony where fifteen 2015 Toyota 4×4 pickup trucks were delivered to the Kurdish authorities.

In addition to the military equipment sent to the Iraqi army and peshmerga forces, Turkey has also been providing humanitarian aid to the region since the onset of clashes with Daesh in June 2014, including two modern tent camps to accommodate 40,000 refugees in Duhok, in northern Iraq, and over 760 truckloads of food, medical equipment, tents and blankets.

Resource: Anadolu Agency, April 13, 2015


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