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Turkey offers 40,000 scholarships to Gaza students

Turkey’s Religious Affairs Committee is planning to offer 40,000 scholarships for Palestinian students from the Gaza Strip to study in Turkish religious schools.

According to Felesteen newspaper, the committee is currently interviewing students from Gaza in order to prepare for their travel to Turkey.

The principal of the committee, Selçuk Öztürk, said that the aim is to help the people of Gaza, which is under siege. “In cooperation with the ministry of education, we are currently interviewing 40,000 students from Gaza who are expected to receive scholarships to study in Turkey.”

Öztürk said that the scholarship would cover study fees for a four-year programme in secondary schools, adding that the students would be able to enter Turkish universities after leaving school. Next year, there will be another 4,000 scholarships. Flights to and from Turkey as well as accommodation costs will be covered by the scholarships.

Resource: Middle East Monitor, June 20, 2015


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