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Turkey praised for educating Syrian refugee children

German state minister Maria Bohmer met Syrian refugee families in southern Turkey and praised the country’s efforts in educating Syrian children.

German state minister has praised Turkey’s efforts to provide education to Syrian refugee children.

“Educating children is important and as far as we see, Turkey is providing key education (to the Syrian children),” Maria Bohmer said after her meeting with Syrian refugees in southern Turkish province of Hatay Wednesday.

Bohmer met Syrian families and visited a tent hospital in Altinozu district along with her delegation.

The German minister said her country would do its part in the educational efforts and humanitarian assistances for Syrian refugees; she added that Germany attached great importance to its cooperation in this field with Turkey.

“The two countries must work together to show solidarity with the Syrian refugees,” Bohmer said.

She also spoke about Syrian refugees in Germany and said her country was supporting Syrian students complete their education at German universities.

“Efforts are underway to provide kindergarten and primary school education to Syrian children as well,” she added.

Turkey hosts about 1.7 million Syrian refugees who have fled the civil war in Syria that began in 2011.

Resource: Anadolu Agency, April 29, 2015


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