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Turkey to send more aid to quake-hit Nepal

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Turkey will send 16 tons of humanitarian aid to quake-hit Nepal, Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management has said.

Turkey will send 16 tons of humanitarian aid to quake-hit Nepal, it was announced Wednesday.

According to officials of the Turkish Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management, their team arrived in Nepal Sunday, a day after the country was hit with an earthquake, which killed thousands, including dozens in neighboring India and Tibet.

Moreover, an 11-member Turkish team from the association of Medical Search and Rescue left for Kathmandu to establish a field hospital to serve 600 to 800 patients per day.

The team was expected to stay there for at least 10 days, chairman of the association Mert Eryuksel said.

The Turkish Red Crescent also sent blankets, tents and six tons of food, flown in by Turkish Airlines, from Pakistan and Bangladesh, while the National Medical Rescue Organization sent 10 member strong team.

The Humanitarian Relief Foundation too sent a volunteer search-and-rescue team; Doctors Worldwide and the AKUT Search and Rescue Association also sent their teams.

At least 74 experts from Turkish organizations are currently working in Nepal.

At least 5,266 people have been killed and more than 7,000 injured, according to figures released by Nepali police Wednesday, with more bodies still being recovered by emergency services four days after the disaster hit Nepal.

Resource: Anadolu Agency, April 29, 2015

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