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Turkish Airlines and Turkish State Railways join forces

New agreement between two companies lays ground for combined transport operations and training of staff.

Turkish Airlines and Turkish State Railways signed a cooperation agreement on Tuesday which lays the ground for combined transport operations and joint training of staff.

The protocol was signed at the headquarters of Turkish Airlines by CEO Temel Kotil and the General Manager of Turkish State Railways Omer Yildiz.

Under ther protocol, training of railway cabin staff  will begin by the Turkish Airlines Cabin Attendant Training Unit.

Turkish State Railways and Turkish Airlines will offer joint ticket promotions and passengers of Turkish Airlines who earn frequent-flyer miles will be able to use them on train trips.

The new protocol also envisages the establishment of new routes joining railways and airlines, especially to the destinations where Turkish Airlines can’t provide services.

Ticket services of both companies in both agencies and online channels will be integrated as well.

The Turkish State Railways operates on 10,991 kilometers of railways, which makes it the 22nd largest railway system in the world. Also it is the 8th high-speed train operator globally.

Turkish Airlines have scheduled flights to over 260 destinations worldwide with 54.7 million passengers last year, and is now the fourth largest airline of Europe.

Resource: Anadolu Agency, April 21, 2015

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