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Turkish citizens living abroad to start voting on October 8, Turkey's top election board says

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Turkey’s Supreme Election Board (YSK) has announced on Wednesday that Turkish citizens living abroad will be able to start voting on October 8, almost a month before the date those living on Turkish soil will vote on November 1.

The country’s top election board stated that it has completed its election schedule, and will enable Turkish citizens living abroad to cast their ballots once again, which will take place from October 8 to 25.

The YSK also noted that the ballots will be sealed and transported to Turkey by diplomatic couriers, and will be counted when all the ballots are opened in the country after the elections are over.

Between May 8 and 31, over a million Turkish citizens living abroad in 54 countries casted their ballots in the June 7 General Elections.

There are 2,866,979 Turkish citizens abroad who are eligible to vote.

Nearly twice as many overseas Turks had turned out to vote in the June 7 general election than they did in last August’s presidential election.

Elections in Turkey have the second-highest voter turnout among developed democracies, according to a report released by the Washington-based Pew Research Center.

Resource: Daily Sabah, August 26, 2015

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