Turkish court remands alleged Daesh commander

41-year-old Iraqi male detained by counterterrorism police in Eskisehir, central Turkey

Turkish court remands alleged Daesh commander

An alleged Daesh commander was remanded in custody after being arrested in Eskisehir, central Turkey, on Friday, according to a security source.

Eskisehir anti-terrorist police teams detained a 41-year-old Iraqi male.

According to a Turkish security source speaking anonymously, the suspect had been in prison in Iraq over a plot to assassinate the country's former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

Identified only by the initials C.E.T., he was remanded as part of an investigation into the terrorist group being carried out by Eskisehir Chief Public Prosecutor's Office.

Nearly 320 people have lost their lives in Daesh attacks in Turkey, where the terror organization has targeted civilians in suicide bomb, rocket and gun attacks.


Source: Anaodlu Agency

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