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US launches armed missions from Turkey’s Incirlik base

The US Department of Defence has launched ISR missions using the Incirlik base in Turkey

US Department of Defense, announced that the first armed reconnaissance (ISR) mission will begin to fly from the Incirlik air base.

Providing information regarding unmanned aerial vehicles flying from Incirlik, Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said , “it has not been performed in this stage of the attack. But on the weekend begin armed craft” he said.

He said only unarmed ISR missions had flown from the US Incirlik Air Base in Adana before.

Armed flights between Turkey and the US agreed that “Incirlik started within the framework of the specified agreement”.

The US Department of Defence announced on August 3 the coalition airstrikes hit ISIS targets in Hasakah, Raqqa and Kobani in Syria, without specifying from where the coalition planes took off.

The US and Turkey announced earlier last week their intention to provide a safe zone for Syrian rebels and jointly fight ISIS militants, with US warplanes using bases in Turkey, mainly the Incirlik Air Base, to launch air strikes against the group.

US President Barack Obama authorised the use of air power to defend the US-backed group of fighters called the New Syrian Force if it is attacked by the Syrian regime or other groups, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on August 2.

Resource: World Bulletin, August 04, 2015


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